I am 13, how much taller will i get?

Answer Depends on when you got your period, how tall your parents are, and when you had your growth spurt. I think you will probably be at least 5'8 though.

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Im 13 and 5'5 how much taller will i get?

I'm guessing your a girl. It depends on when you got your period. You don't stop growing until you have started your period, so its like the beginning of the end. You stop growing about 1-3 years a... Read More »

How much taller will HGH make me?

Maybe a few inches. I hope that doctor keeps a close eye you, since HGH can have some side effects like acromegaly, which would make you a bit ugly in the face

Will I grow taller And is there any way I can grow taller?

To improve your height - raise your hands and touch your feet without bending your knee joint, you stretch your body and this will make your hormone work better than before. Keep yourself hydrated ... Read More »

Will you grow taller at age 25 and will your growth be visible?

Most people stop growing at 12-17 years old.(Your ears keep growing until you die!)