I am 10. Why do my parents still treat me like I'm 2?

Answer Your parents treat you like you are young because 10 isn't very old and they want to protect you. Just 8 years ago you couldn't read or write, talk in complete sentences, and were just potty traine... Read More »

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How to Get Your Parents to Treat You Like an Adult?

Often parents have trouble letting go and realizing that their babies aren't babies anymore. It can be difficult for them to adjust to this transition.When you were born, you were a kid. Now you wa... Read More »

How to Make Your Parents Treat You Like a Star?

Well, well, so you want your parents to treat you like a star? Then read this and you will learn.

Parents (first or adoptive), if you knew your child would be like adoptees on this board, would you still?

I would give anything to spare him the heartache and pain of adoption and given the chance I wouldn't have relinquished at all BUT if my son turns out like "us" I have no problem with it. He will b... Read More »

Circumcision: Why are parents still requesting and doctors still performing this cruel procedure?

I couldn't agree more :) it's not really the "done" thing here in the UK..... religious reasons aside. Maybe that's why I see it differently to Americans (I say Americans cos the circ. rate in the ... Read More »