I always have paper left from the printing kit but not ink left in the printer cartridge. Why is this?

Answer Maybe your printing things that require a lot of a certain color and it takes a mix of all to get that color perhaps? not totally sure but sounds logical to me

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Epson Workforce 630 Printer -its not printing everything, although all same fonts, colour, some lines left out?

Epson Help @ 877-867-0212, and support site… is great and wins for best price/feature comparison, best warranty and lowest cost of ink. You can't beat the... Read More »

My printer stop printing in the middle of the document. Will it restart and pick up where it left off?

If you are lucky it might, but I am usually not that lucky. I think that has only happened to me once. Usually the printer will spit out the paper. A few times I have had the printer start ove... Read More »

What does it mean when streaks of printer ink are left on your paper?

Streaks on documents from a computer printer can be caused by a number of problems. A defective or damaged toner cartridge could be the cause, and if so, the cartridge should be replaced. Excess in... Read More »

How can i see how much ink i have left in my ink cartridge?

Go to "Printer & Faxes" click on "Properties" then "printing Preferences" then "Maintenance" in the box that comes up, you will see a list of thing to do with the printer, and it should be number 5... Read More »