I always have bad breath!?

Answer Get a tic-tac?And brush your tongue... and use listerine... maybe change toothpaste?

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I always have bad breath.?

EASY: Gargle with 3% Hydrogen Peroxide for 1-minute, SPIT IT OUT, than gargle with warm water for a minute an spit it out!!THAT'LL FRESHEN YOU BREATH INSTANTLY!!( it also cleans your teeth at the ... Read More »

My breath always stinks?

Never skip breakfast. It's just not good for your long-term health anyway. Instead of tic tacs, chew gum. Not bubble gum, but the kind that will leave your breath minty fresh. There are also long-l... Read More »

My breath always stink but my mouth is clean.?

it is cause by the food u eat everyday. it will produced a stink gas. Maybe u should change your food. eat more fruits and vegetables.

I am 17 and i dont want to live with my mom or dad im always depressedor always in trouble can i ask to be in a placement or some kind of home and what do i have to do?

tell your parents your not happy living there that you want to learn how to live alone and tell your parents that you can take care of your self so u can learn but you have to live close to your pa... Read More »