I always have a sore back in the morning, what can I do?

Answer Stay in bed until after lunch? :)

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Could really tender sore breasts and sore lower back and sides be signs of pregnancy?

Answer Yes, but it could also mean you are about to get your period as well you should take a pregnancy test as soon as a week before your period is due.

I have a sore bump on the back of my head it is about the size of a nickel and sore when you touch it please help I'm only 13 and there is nobody nearby so i can't get help from anyone?

Why is my throat sore every morning when i wake up?

this is because your throat is dry. its dry because you sleep but you dont drink so when you have breakfast you consume liquid and it doesnt hurt anymore. there is no reason for you to go to the do... Read More »

I have a sore ankle and need to be better for tomorrow morning?

EasyMany time i have played soccer and hockey with a sprain. Wrap tape in a way to keep your ankle stiff. I dont have a picture tho so bare with me:Make sure your ankle is straight, as if you u wer... Read More »