I always feel the urge to stretch my legs?

Answer Could be restless leg syndrome!! I have the same problem

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Why do i always have the urge to sleep with my teachers?

hormones and imagination run riot in the teenage years. its normal to have these fantasies

I really don't want a facebook anymore.. but I always have the urge to come back?

If you are getting distracted by that, then it's better that you delete the account. Try to concentrate on your studies and future. Facebook is not that really important :-)

LADIES:: Do you pee when you first feel the urge or do you wait a while....♥?

i wait a while..and i do leave it till the very last second and i do nearly pee on myself trying to get my belt openi never take that into consideration

My wife doesn´t like it but I feel an urge to shave my head. Should I?

shave it off, she may not like it but it is your head. Also hair grows back so quickly so even if you do not like it, you know it will come back.