I always feel DIZZY after I run a sprint race, why?

Answer What precautions should I take if feeling dizzy after my race?Drink water. Eat anything with sugar. Relax and sit down. Always stretch BEFORE running. Always keep hydrated before running. Always ke... Read More »

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Why do i feel dizzy and sick after i get my blood done?

If you had blood work done, you will know if your levels are okay. Tell your mamma how you are feeling and she can alert the doctor if you do not feel better the next day. Have you eaten and taken ... Read More »

A few hours after landing in vegas, feel nauseous and dizzy?

Hmmm I had something similar when I flew to Texas a few weeks ago... It went away by the time I woke up the next morning. I believe it was simply motion sickness... you could also have some vertigo... Read More »

What are the chances of being pregnant if you feel dizzy and light headed after having sex?

Answer What you're describing sounds more like an emotional reaction, but sometimes the intensity of sex can make you feel that way.

Why do you I always feel like I'm gonna pass out after I get out of the shower ?

It's probably TOO warm! I get that all the time, and then I have to go lay down just in my towel because I feel faint lolOr you could be dehydrated, too hot, slightly anemic... Or if you're too col... Read More »