I added up to 4GB of memory(4 sockets of 1GB). Why it only reads 3.50GB of RAM?

Answer You say "it only reads 3.5" but you don't say what the "it" is. The answer is completely different if the "it" is the BIOS memory size screen than if it's the Windows system information panel.If it... Read More »

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Who here thinks the NSA reads your mail, reads your e-mails and taps your phone...?

I LOVE your question... and being NONE of the above makes me happy :) it means I have nothing to fear.

My copied dvd reads differently on dvd player and reads different on my computer?

I think you just didn't copy your dvd right,I mean the format of your copy-ed dvd is not fit your machine, or maybe there's some thing wrong with your copy software ,you can recopy it or try anoth... Read More »

Can plumbing be added to a basement if rough-in is not added during initial construction and the water table sits only 1 foot below the slab?

Answer Look for a special toilet that mounts directly to the floor and the water drains into a box mounted on the floor behind the toilet, under the tank. This box contains a pump that runs off ele... Read More »

How to Prevent Dry Sockets?

Dry socket, technically known as alveolar osteitis, is a painful complication that sometimes develops after the extraction of an adult tooth. Blood normally clots at the site of the extraction as p... Read More »