I added ram, and the pc's screen stays black or beeps what to do?

Answer Your manual also tells you what you CAN'T do when installing ram. I suggest you read it.

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My netbook beeps and has black screen?

Remove the memory modules.Replace one module.See if it boots.Try the other module by itself.If one does not work, replace it.If it still does not boot, repeat the above, using the other memory slot.

How to reboot my phone if the screen stays black?

take out the battery for 30 seconds but it would depend on the phone with a blackberry you take out the battery then wait put it back then presto phones working or it could be a fault hope this helps

When lcd tv switched on screen stays black?

How old is it?Very few Lexsor televisions last more than about 6 months before packing up completely.

When I turn my computer on The screen stays black?

If the computer shuts off after powering up you may have a power supply problem , hdd problemIf the computer *stays on* but the screen stays black, try changing monitors. if the computer works afte... Read More »