I accidently spilled hot water on my thumb what should I do?

Answer Run cold water over it for a few minutes, that will numb the pain and kill the burn. You don't need a bandage after that, but some people find it helps with the pain.

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I had just spilled water on my laser mouse from Dell what should i do?

Let it dry then get a cotton ear bud and clean the inside.;…

Spilled water on my laptop, what now?

turn your laptop off and do not use it for the next day or so if possible. You want to give it a chance to dry it completely. Unless you have a Lenovo/IBM laptop, there is a possibility that some l... Read More »

I spilled water on the tile floor. What do I do!?

Listen to this very closely.1) Go to the bathroom. It is much easier to deal with tough situations whithout needing to pee.2) Fill up your flamethrower's gas tanks. going to battle on low fuel is n... Read More »

I accidently hit a kid today in my car... What should i do?

Pull a condom tightly over your head, and keep it there until you pass out.Then claim that the guy who sells Twinkies did it to you and you ran over somebody's blonde dog as a result.Next - get a l... Read More »