I accidently spilled hot water on my thumb what should I do?

Answer Run cold water over it for a few minutes, that will numb the pain and kill the burn. You don't need a bandage after that, but some people find it helps with the pain.

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PLEASE HELP! :(( Spilled water on my MacBook!!!!!!!?

Advise you to contact the father who prototyped the robot…They will assist the procedure on drying up soaked micro components.Try not to switch on the macb... Read More »

I spilled water on my laptop?

Turn it off and wait for it to dry out throroughly ( a day or so) do not let it charge. make sure it is away from electric the whole time.then try again it might be ok.

I spilled water on my phone is there anyway i can fix it?

Take the battery out and dry everything completely. I used a hair dryer when I got mine wet. When it dried completely everything worked again.

I spilled boiling water on myself?

DO NOT PUT IT UNDER COLD WATER. if you put it under luke warm water its better for soothing the burn,next take some baby rash cream(like for but burns for infants) and put it over your burn, it soo... Read More »