I accidently over claimed on tips, what do I do?

Answer If you over claimed your tips by $158.50, how does that make your hourly wage less than minimum wage... it would be just the same.... if there was a short fall between what you earned in tips and m... Read More »

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After over-indulging during the holidays, what tips do you have to help lose those pounds and keep them off?

Working on the assumption that all temptations (cookies, drink, ham) are already gone the best thing to do is find a diet that works for you. Not as in a fad diet but simply a lifestyle choice that... Read More »

Hair Tips for Men Over 50?

As you get older, taking care of your hair can be even more important than when you were younger. As men age, stress, a decrease in testosterone production, medication and genetics can often manife... Read More »

Over 60 Glamor Tips?

Beauty requirements change as you age. You may need a more disciplined regimen for skincare and suitable makeup applications change as well. Even if you are over the age of 60, there is no reason y... Read More »

Up to what age can children in Illinois be claimed on a parent's insurance policy?

In Illinois, parents may keep their dependent children on their health insurance policy up to age 26 or up to age 30 for military veteran dependents. Typically, married children cannot be placed on... Read More »