I accidently my 4S. How do I fix it?

Answer Ok, you are odviously greatly distresses as you are leaving out all the words that would actually tell us the problem or how you caused it. But as a blanket answer. Press and hold the power button ... Read More »

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Did i accidently buy this!!?

I took that same iq test online, don't worry, you haven't given them enough info. If by any chance they contac you just delete the message and be 'incommunocado.'

Ok i accidently swallowed....?

Go to the ER, if it gets in your intestines, it can tear it up. My daugter calimed to swollow a rivit of of her belt and when I took her to the ER they got her right back. They said it would have b... Read More »

I accidently called 911!!?

yes, they can trace you!! anytime you call 911, your address shoes up on their screen and a city map with your Street and also a picture of you house, they might call-back and ask you whats going o... Read More »

Ate glass accidently?

dont worry nothing you can do if you sallowed it it ill b e small enough for ur stomach to break down normally