I accidently deleted some drivers file. Help?

Answer Follow these directions to fix the HOSTS file: files in the system 32 folder is a bad plan. This could cause major problems.Try running the System Fi... Read More »

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HELP! Accidently deleted photos from sd card!?

Try this, no guarantees.Try this, Download the program must not take anymore pictures on your card.You will need a card reader either on your computer or an external USB c... Read More »

Ok, I was deleting folders off my desktop, and i accidently deleted my Internet Explorer, someone please help!?

You didn't delete the program. You just deleted the shortcut to it. Go to your start menu, right click on Internet Explorer, and it should have some option to make a shortcut.

Accidently deleted HIDs for keyboard?

hi...I do like to help...………

I accidently deleted ice age village app on my ipad 2?

Yes, go to the app store and go to My Apps. It should be there.