I accidently cut my scrotum?

Answer Don't worry. It will heal like any other cut would. Just keep it clean. If I were you, I would keep an antibiotic ointment on it untill it closes up. You don't want it to get infected.

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Peppermint oil on scrotum sac?

if you've got any aloe, give it to him NOWedit: poor man - poor you - i'd try dishwashing liquid to dissolve it

HELP! Small cut on scrotum!?

You're not the first man to do that. It's a small cut and has already stopped bleeding. You are fine, it will be ok. Next time though use the electric shaver. If you ever do that again and it's sma... Read More »

How to Remove Scrotum Hair?

While it's common knowledge that women groom their bikini area, many men also want to keep their private parts clean and neat. A well-groomed scrotum can aid hygiene and may just make you feel bett... Read More »

Diseases of the Scrotum in Dogs?

Diseases of canine scrotal skin can vary, depending on the type and the way they are obtained. These ailments can range from mast cell tumors to bacterial infection to contact dermatitis. Diseases ... Read More »