I accidently a Coke Bottle.... What should I do?

Answer No. Do NOT accidentally a Pepsi or 7UP bottle. These are Coke's enemies, and they may blow each other up.I do recommend accidentally some Mentos along with it, though. This will make the Coke bot... Read More »

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What words are on the front of a glass coke bottle?

The other answer is WRONG!There is no "K" in Coca-Cola.It is either Coke or Coca-Cola.

What would happen if i drunk a 1.25L bottle of coke in one night?

Guess Dylan's right.Probably you wouldn't sleep.The sugar,well maybe you didn't need breakfast,cause you had enough carbs already...but you surely wouldm't die or gain lots of weight.Not in one nig... Read More »

I accidently hit a kid today in my car... What should i do?

Pull a condom tightly over your head, and keep it there until you pass out.Then claim that the guy who sells Twinkies did it to you and you ran over somebody's blonde dog as a result.Next - get a l... Read More »

I accidently cut off 3 of my fingers...what should i do?