I accidently a Coke Bottle.... What should I do?

Answer No. Do NOT accidentally a Pepsi or 7UP bottle. These are Coke's enemies, and they may blow each other up.I do recommend accidentally some Mentos along with it, though. This will make the Coke bot... Read More »

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I accidentally a bottle of coke?

What's better, coke from a can or a plastic bottle?

can, because too much plastic will hurt the environment and plastic bottles have the same amount of reaction as cans do

How to Spray a Coke Bottle?

Make a Coke or Diet Coke can spray out a stream of liquid with no other ingredients involved. Trust me, it's fun.

How to Collect Coke Bottle Caps?

There are many ways to get into collectibles and various things to collect. One of the easiest is to start a collection of Coke bottle caps. This is not expensive, caps are different depending on t... Read More »