I accidentely typed! Please help!?

Answer It shouldn't give you a virus. I hate it when that happens, you accidentally type in the wrong thing and it goes to these nasty websites.. but dont worry, i think you'll be finee.

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I accidentely cut off my own head while dying my long will it take to heal?

Here's what you do. Go into a sleezy area of your town. Find a homeless person or hooker. Someone who won't be missed. Make sure they don't look to bad either. Then steal there head. To apply the h... Read More »

Can people see what I've typed?

No, No et All !!!!.. No Options are available to break such type of privacy.. Until the host has implemented any software or device.

I typed an IP address and?

I'm not sure what you mean with mx1, mx2 and hotmail but for IP lookup you can check out site below:http://www.ip-tracker.orghttp://www.ip-address.orghttp://www.ipaddresslocation.orghttp://www.find... Read More »

Have you ever typed your name into Google?

yes, another game is to write 'your name and the wants' eg Susi wants men in kilts Becky wants to knock her school down James wants $50m Max wants Pete to start liking him