I accidentaly deleted an icon on my desktop and i want it back!! HELP!?

Answer Did you check My Computer or My Documents? Sometimes can retrieve there. You didn't say what system you have. Did you delete to Recycle Bin? Might still be there also. Check History also.

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I was wandering if any one knows how to get the recycle bin desktop icon back after i accedently deleted it?

Hi :)If it's XP try this...>right click>click properties>click desktop>click customise desktop> it will show you the icons>click recycle bin>click restore default >click okWaaallaaa!! it should be ... Read More »

How to Restore a Deleted Recycle Bin Icon to the XP Desktop?

Windows operating systems provide a Recycle Bin utility that stores all the deleted data from your PC. This utility allows you to retrieve deleted files as long as you have not emptied it. When the... Read More »

I deleted photos from desktop and then from recycle bin, need them back,can i get them?

Ooops! Did you have them backed up anywhere? Do you have System Restore switched on? (I presume you're using Windows).

I accidentally deleted the "RECYCLE BIN" from my desktop, how do i get it back?

If you are on vista, open your control panel then personalization.Next click on Change Desktop Icons under the Tasks menu on the left side of the window.In the next window that pops up check the bo... Read More »