I accidentally touched my Friends boob with a ruler.?

Answer Once my guy friend did the same but with his finger. You should probably not mention it again to might make her embarrassed. But if you wanna say something just say like im sorry about the... Read More »

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What is the name of the newsman who touched Ellens boob by accident on her show?

please can you give me the email address of Oprah Winfrey

Could your girlfriend be pregnant if the head of your penis accidentally touched the lips of her vagina?

No, unless you had semen on your dick. The only way to get a girl pregnant is to ejaculate into her vagina So always wear a condom unless you want to get her pregnant.

My dad accidentally touched his eyes with his chilli hands after havind dinner.Please halp!?

It is agony - I made the mistake of taking my contacts out after I'd chopped chilli and I'd scrubbed my hands. It does stop though - wont' be permanent agony. Nothing except time helps.

My friends make fun of my boob size!?