I accidentally swallowed the wax for my braces! HELP!!! I NEED ANSWERS QUICK!!?

Answer Don't worry! You'll be fine! It's made for putting in your mouth. If it was harmful at all they wouldn't let you do that right?? No worries!

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When i got my tooth pulled i accidentally swallowed it. Will i be ok cuz i feel wierd :( plz help?

If it was me, I would vomit it out.Well for you it is likely too late as it is by now in your intestines, so give it some time and it will get out the other way. No worries, this happens more often... Read More »

Need a answers quick please........?

OK... is there a storm brewing??? Hull... that in Iowa??We have chance of storms tonight!!carla

I just got braces.. I need some answers!?

RELAX! Everything is normal. Sure a specific tooth might hurt, it migth be getting moved more than another one.Your dentist went to school for many years, he didn't put all that metal in your mou... Read More »

What do I do if I accidentally swallowed a....?

It shouldn't be that much of a problem when I was little I used to eat rocks.No problem with plastic I think your stomach acids can digest it.