I accidentally emptied the re-cycle bin ?

Answer when you delete a file and empty your recycle bin the files are not deleted as such although they dont show in your folders but they are still on your disk and over time the file is over written th... Read More »

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When should dishwashers be emptied?

The dishwasher should be emptied when the noise of the dishwasher goes like BEEP BEEP BEEP till you open the dishwasher and then empty it.

What use can I make of emptied garden pond?

We have just built a fantastic bog garden for the children - we filled the pond with soil and planted lots of marginals, grasses and rushes etc. Its very peaceful and there are lots of wild creatu... Read More »

How to Retrieve Files From a Recycle Bin That's Been Emptied?

In Microsoft Windows operating systems, users who wish to get rid of files temporarily place these files in the Recycle Bin, where they are stored before disposal. When you wish to empty the Recycl... Read More »

I emptied the trash bin in my emails is it possible to recover them?