I accidentally emailed my friend naked pictures of his wife?

Answer Are you F u c k * i n g his wife???

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I accidentally searched the word naked at my school's computer, so I deleted the history.?

Your teachers and the staff can in fact see what you are doing on the computer, because they have the ability to monitor your activities on the school computers. But I believe you have nothing to w... Read More »

What should I do if my child accidentally eat all my wife's birth control pill?

Answer If there are any of the birth control pills left then phone emergency immediately and show them what type of birth control pills. Birth control pills are full of hormones and extremely dange... Read More »

Should a Friend Tell a Friend If Their Husband or Wife Is Cheating?

The art of Chinese writing, or Chinese calligraphy, traces its roots back thousands of years in Chinese history. Both the characters and the art of calligraphy are bound together in Chinese culture... Read More »

Should a friend tell a friend if their husband or wife is cheating?

On One Hand: Yes, You ShouldThe main factor to consider when debating whether or not to tell a friend her spouse is cheating is this: If that person finds out later that you knew, what would the re... Read More »