I accidentally dropped a whole jar of dill into the bread dough i was making ...?

Answer I love dill doughs... ;)

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What is a dill dough?

There are two meanings to this word. 1) a dough to make bread with the flavor of dill weed. 2)a fake penis.

Can you make French bread from frozen bread dough?

While you can make edible French bread from bread dough that has been frozen and then thawed prior to baking, freezing dough affects the yeast, and often results in inconsistent quality.References:... Read More »

How to Make Dill Bread?

All yeast breads are so delicious and should be labeled harmful to the waistline! Try something a little different with Dill Bread.

I dropped my iPod in the snow! And then I accidentally stepped on it! Help!!!!?

If you played it and nothing happened then nothing is wrong with the ipod's internal features. Look at the screen and see that there are no dark bars or cracks. It should be fine.