I accidentally cut an artery in my hand while cooking yesterday?

Answer Normally, injured tissues continue to swell for 24 - 48hours after the injury - that's why black eyes look worse the next day.Is the hand also discolored/bruised? They should have given you a list ... Read More »

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I wanna cut my artery hand?

you're not hopeless... ok. you are just depressed.. seek medical attenion immediately.. committing sucide is not the answer. trust me :)

I accidentally cut my hand with broken glass but..?

Anxiety, and you don't handle blood well.

If I "accidentally" happened to cut my left hand off?

I got stung by a bee yesterday, my hand is all swullen now, is it something i should worry about?

possibly allergics reaction. I was stung by multiple bees once and had nothing besides slightly elevated red lumps. Should see the doctors or apply some ice on it to reduce swelling. Bee sting veno... Read More »