I accidentally ate meat and now I feel really sick?

Answer You took a 'tiny bite', and now you're sick and nauseous? I'm sorry, but I think it's all in your head and you're playing the drama queen role a bit too much. Get over it; meat didn't kill you befo... Read More »

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Feel sick to the stomach after consuming meat. Why is this?

It is natural. Stop eating meat and you will feel better. Your conscience is most likely feeling so guilty it is causing your body to react to that overwhelming feeling of guilt, which makes you ... Read More »

Sometimes eating makes me feel really sick. Like I need to throw up Why?

If the nausea occurs after consuming fatty/fast food, spicy food, freshly baked bread, onion, cabbage, apples, beans, peas, coffee, chocolate, cucumber, watermelon or red pepper, then it is most li... Read More »

I have eaten a month and a half out of date Philadelphia and I feel really sick?

If you had food poisoning, you would not have to ask anyone, you would know. Take a large dose of Pepto and a good laxative.

Whenever i go out to eat with family to eat pizza fresh i don;t really don't feel good and i do not get sick?

might you dont would like to eat pizza so just avoid pizza :))