I accidentally and im 15?

Answer Stop now and you will be fine

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I accidentally ate a bug!!!!!?

Most insects are harmless and actually loaded with protein. Chocolate covered ants are quite expensive and eaten by many people around the world. Crickets are good too, I hear.

Accidentally cut my ear?

hmm i dont think it will.. but if it wont stop bleeding hold pressure on it maybe it will help

Did I accidentally buy minecraft?

If you didn't enter the "pay-center" on their website there's nothing to worry about . Try to join a premium server and see if you're getting 'null' error when you're trying to join it. If yes,then... Read More »

I hid one of my documents accidentally?

go to the folder where the file is located, click tools > folder options > view > hidden files and folders > show hidden files and folders.if u can't remember where the file is, go to search and ty... Read More »