I absolutely HATE raw veggies... how can I make them good to eat?

Answer Dip them in candy. joke. Just blend them with foods you like.

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What song do you absolutely hate?

I absolutely HATE the new youtube layout?

Ugh I do to! and i cant freakin find out how to check my messages, comments, etc.

Why do people hate veggies who eat fish?

well, honestly, i don't hate "vegetarians" who eat fish, but they're misinformed.a fish is still an animal, therefore a vegetarian wouldn't eat're considered a pescetarian.also, i would be c... Read More »

Which soap opera character do you absolutely hate?

STACY- OLTL!!! Throughout my many years watching the ABC soaps I've seen murderers, rapists, thugs, etc. but I've never hated a character as much as her. Even the most evil usually have some small ... Read More »