I Was Told That A Woman's Sexual Peak Is A Myth!?

Answer yes it is a myth, just like santa clause, or gay republicans.

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What's the biggest beauty myth you've been told?

That fried food and chocolate give you pimples. Wrong!! Its all hormonal.

If a parent pinches a child's butt and does not stop when told by the child is that a form of sexual abuse?

Answer: THe parent should respect the child, it may not be in their comfort zone, so it would be sexual to the child, even if the parent isn't meaning it to be that way. I would just say the parent... Read More »

My brother and i share a room and told me to pretend i was sleeping and i heard him having sex but he told me not to open my eyes what should i do?

I recently suffered from a heart attack so i'm told to watch my diet. I love apple sauce but am told not good?

Depends on what's in it that's not good. If you buy the commercial stuff, then try to make it from scratch eliminating the stuff that 's not good for you - like sugar, salt, etc. Try ... Read More »