I Want to install Microsoft word to my PC.What to do?

Answer Put the installation CD into the CD drive

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How to Install the New Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word 2010 is a word processing program for the Microsoft Office 2010 software suite. Like other versions of Microsoft Word, this program allows you to create documents, labels, envelopes... Read More »

Can you install Microsoft Word on a Macintosh?

Microsoft sells a Mac version of Microsoft Word called Word for Mac. It is available for purchase online and in retail stores. You may purchase Word for Mac alone or as part of the Office for Mac... Read More »

How many fonts can you install in Microsoft Word?

The number of fonts that can be used with Mircosoft Word depends on your operating system. Early versions of Windows only supported about 1,000 fonts total. Changes in the way the computer's regist... Read More »

How do I install new fonts for Microsoft Word?

Download and save a new font file in an easy-to-remember location, such as the Desktop--make sure you're downloading the font from a trusted source. Click "Start," then "Control Panel" and click on... Read More »