I Want to Slow Down My internet Speed I am using a Modem and win Xp sp2?

Answer Yes, I understand how you feel with 16.8 kb speed. But there is hardly any way to reduce this speed further. If your connection is of 16.8 kbps speed, and if your RAM is more than 128 MB, you canno... Read More »

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I Have slow internet Should i replace Modem OR Router?

Check your connection speed WIRED to your router first. Turn ALL wi-fi OFF=IF you get an increase in speed, THEN you may have a wi-fi interference problem. Other users, either known or pirates, a... Read More »

My pc is very slow, via internet. Modem is ok. Have done virus scan. Any ideas?

download xoftspy from the following link…use the following serialName: joejoeS/N: 1111111112 1213444305and ccleaner from the following linkhttp://www.cclea... Read More »

I use tata photon plus for internet purpose. The internet accessing speed is very slow.?

Here is an easy way to increase your internet speed by about 20%1.) log on as Administrator. 2.) click start>run, type gpedit.msc and press ENTER.3.) expand "local computer policy" .4.) then expand... Read More »

Does the modem affect Internet speed?

Modems can affect the speed at which you transfer data across the Internet, but not nearly as much as extraneous factors, such as line quality and how many other users are on your network, accordin... Read More »