I Urinated On My Television and It Won't Work...Why is this?

Answer Pee on it again and see if it reverses polarities again and starts working.Make absolutely sure you spray the power cable right at the point where it plugs into the socket for electricity

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My television wont turn on?

try changing the fuse but id make a dodgy insurance claim pretend i dropped whilst dusting and buy a brand spanky one

Have you ever urinated on the third rail?

Felt the need to correct some mis-statements here...First of all to James H... No need for name-calling. Secondly, no third rails are anywhere near to 5400 volts. That is a far too strong DC curren... Read More »

What would happen if you Urinated in someones anus?

I'm guessing there is more than one web site devoted entirely to this issue..but i aint gonna go look.Is it possible to urinate if you are hard enough to penetrate an anus/rectum, wtfe.

Is it possible to become pregnant from genital rubbing if no ejaculation takes place and the male has urinated multiple times since his last ejaculation?

Bo you cannot become pregnant because there has been no ejaculation there fore no sperm has entered the effected area