I THINK my dad is spying on my not sure tho?

Answer Well if he had physical access to your computer, and he's computer savvy like you said he is, I doubt you will know.You could check to see what programs and processes are being used in your Windows... Read More »

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Calm down, just block him. I don't think he is spying on you, he probably got your E-Mail address and wanted to spook you.-Elian

How to Get Away With Spying on a Couple?

Have you wondered what dating couples do? Well, read ahead to find out how to do so without getting caught.

Could it be possible that someone is spying on me using my own webcam on my mac?

I, personally, don't think the web cam viewing from another computer is possible unless your friend is running a video streaming program and so are you. If he is using your web cam he must be very ... Read More »

How to Find Who Is Spying on Your PC?

If you suspect you have programs on your computer that are spying on you, such as a keylogger or other kinds of spyware that can record and send your personal information to third parties, you can ... Read More »