I Really Want To Make A Facebook?

Answer Just make one, simple as

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When you really want to make your kids behave, do you threaten to ground them, or friend them on facebook?

I threaten to quit my job and go to school with them.And I tell them that I WILL answer questions in class and make comments.

I really want a facebook account!?

First of all, don't listen to those telling you to go behind your parents' backs and make a Facebook page. When your parents find out, any trust that they had in you will be gone and it will be a ... Read More »

HELP! i really want a facebook but.....?

I was in the same situation. I told my parents that my best friend had my mother let me get one. Facebook is totally different from Myspace and it is MUCH safer! I LOVE Facebook. Just make ... Read More »

I really don't want a facebook anymore.. but I always have the urge to come back?

If you are getting distracted by that, then it's better that you delete the account. Try to concentrate on your studies and future. Facebook is not that really important :-)