I REALLY need some help..please read for details?

Answer Just wanted to let you know that I read your essay and voted for it. It was a well written essay that nicely stated your feelings on going to college. Good luck with your results and hopefully yo... Read More »

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I need a (digital) camera...(read for details)?

toughie tpo get all that in a decent camera for under £100do you need digital.. otherwise u could get a film SLR + lenses + flash for a lot lessif you ust have digital then consider some of the mi... Read More »

Can I caught Rabies Need suggestion. Please, read in details..?

Only if a rabied dog bites you can you catch rabies

At walmart, need good makeup, please read details! :)?

A good concealer is Glamoflauge by Hard Candy to help cover up the acne marks and any dark circles or whatever you need to cover. It's like $6…As for full... Read More »

It's time for a complete kitchen makeover & I really need some ideas. I really need 3 colors?

I think gray, light gray & teal would be the best option as the counters are a tan granite with grays and blacks.