I- POD into water, URGENT!!!!?

Answer First of all, stop trying to turn it on! If you ever get any electronic device wet (phone, ipod, camera, etc) do NOT turn them on until they have had a chance to dry out.If it has gone through the ... Read More »

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URGENT, I dropped my iPhone 4 in water?

Put it in a bowl of dry rice. The rice should absorb the water.

URGENT water stain on UGGs?

Do not put them by the radiator or they will stain!

Makeup for a bad acne breakout! URGENT!!! I NEED LOTS OF IDEAS!!! URGENT!!!?

I don't live in canada but my dermatologist says the best to use is Nuetrogena clear skin products. I used to have the worst acne but then i got prescribed a face cleaner that works ok, but the bes... Read More »

URGENT URGENT! How do you export videos from your computer to an iPhone 3GS?

You will actually have to convert the video to the iphone format (m4v) then once converted, drag it to your itunes library. Use Handbrake for fast, free conversions.