I Need PS3 Game advise please.?

Answer So it sounds like your son has a Playstation 3, am I correct? It seams like he is a pretty good gamer so I wouldn't worry about a game being too hard for him.Anyway, I would recommend Little Big Pl... Read More »

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Need some advise please?

Sounds like you have anxiety.... You don't have to take pills for it... But it helps. I am prescribed medication for anxiety but I try not to take it... Just when you are in the situations.. Breath... Read More »

I need some laptop recommendations/advise please?

You can't go wrong with a Lenovo. If you have the cash to spend, go with a Thinkpad. The 14inch T410 and T410s are very nice laptops. Very sturdy, cool running, and built like tanks.

I need a computer mouse that will travel further on-screen for smaller hand movements-please advise?

you can alter mouse movements in the control panel if you're running xp open the control panel and double click on the mouse icon click the pointer options tab at the top is a slider for the mouse ... Read More »

Suspect hubby cheating - need to gain acces to yahoo mail / faceparty account - please advise - URGENT?

There's two ways I can help you.1. Move on with your life, leave him, and get with me.2. Get a keylogger and install it on his computer, this will allow you to log every key he press while he's o... Read More »