I Need Help on Facebook!!!!!!!!!!!…?

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I need help with my new facebook page. Please help?

The person you want to have as admin has to like the page first. Then under insights, it should so the likes, and there should be a button that says "Make Admin".

I need help with Facebook?

Yes, there is a way to report this photo! Simply hover over the picture & a black bar should appear across the bottom with a few actions; 1 of which should say "Options" click on that & then there... Read More »

Please help!! I need to get on facebook!?

you will have to ask the person who owns the computer to change the settings on your computer account so it's not blocked - besides that, there is nothing you can do

I need a facebook plz!:(?

You'd better use a free gate software named Parvaaz. It's the fastest proxy. It's sponsored by VOA PNN, so it's surely the safest proxy. I've uploaded it for you. You should just download and open ... Read More »