I Need Help.. I'm Trying To Become Vegetarian!?

Answer What on earth are you trying to do?I hope the headaches aren't caused by any of this.People often harm themselves by not knowing enough about health requirements for our bodies, and that goes for b... Read More »

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I want to become a vegetarian help?

Tell her why you want to go vegetarian. If you don't like that many veggies, eat lots of beans, nuts, fruits, grains, ext. instead. Your mom (who I'm guessing is an omnivore?) shouldn't have to mak... Read More »

I need help I'm a vegetarian...?

Dairy cows are injected with hormones and antibiotics, and their food is laced with pesticides. (This is to decrease the amount of insects attracted to their feces, a major problem in industrial da... Read More »

I really need help i'm trying to get smarter...?

reading can make you smarter if you read books that have information and it can make more literate which means you'll be able to talk to better. sorry if you're older and trying to get smarter, the... Read More »

We are trying to burn videos to a dvd and need help!?

check out imtoo dvd creator Personally used it, pretty happy with the results. No complicated settings, easy to use. Been using this since last year, and I’d recommend it. Hope it works for you t... Read More »