I Need Help Identifying a Hawk?

Answer When you spot what you think may be a species of hawk in North America, consider various aspects of the bird to make it easier to identify what type it is. In most instances, you will not see hawks... Read More »

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Help identifying what weed this is?

We call that Chickweed here. It's a choke hold type of weed that crowds out other plants. Has a shallow root, but needs little water. They get very large if not pulled out.

Identifying Mullein?

Common mullein (Verbascum thapsas) originated in Europe, but now grows across all of the United States with the exception of the northern Great Plains. A plant of abandoned fields, roadsides and wa... Read More »

Need help identifying a plant?

It looks like a May Apple.……

Identifying Landforms?

An elementary study of geography includes the ability to identify and describe landforms. Throughout history, similar landforms have been given different names, so exact identification is sometimes... Read More »