I Need Help, I Have A Nasty Virus I Can't Get At, What Do I Do?

Answer SpyNoMore,the best anti-spyware software that i have used,it can detect and remove all stealth keylogger on your computer.anymore it can block the websites which have keylogger dangerous,it is also... Read More »

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I've gotten a nasty computer virus. Is there anything I can do?

Try booting to safe mode and do system restore , if that don't work , you should do a complete reinstall if you have the os disc

Evereyone tells me I have to careful when I am looking at porn that I don't get a nasty virus, but?

No, no... you just need a few easy to acquire supplies. First, wrap saran wrap around the modem. I have a cable modem and I just wrap a big hunk of it around the modem and secure with a rubber band... Read More »

What kind of virus shows up as a virus scanner that has detected a virus? is classified as a rogue. Info here to remove it.

How to remove Sality virus, I already formatted my pc and still the virus is here, I got the virus from usb?

Try the following:1. turn off system restore2. save free flash disinfector by sUBs to your desktop:…3. run free flash disinfector (it will tell you when to... Read More »