I NEED A MAJOR MAKEOVER. something that will wow them?

Answer Well I'm a girl and it's hard to tell what would fit you by your description.What about a picture?Thanks :) You look pretty to me. But if you really wanna change something you should get a new hair... Read More »

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Thinking to buy this camera dos it need that the person that will use it need to focus the lens them self?

I need to eat vegetables but do not like the taste of them. Is there something that i can cover up the taste?

if u like cheese then but cheese on some of ur vegetables, it'll make it taste better....

I'm going ziplining and need something that will latch onto me while filming.?

Check out this awesome chest mount for the Iphone. This would work perfectly for you!…

I want to wear glasses and i dont need them.... what are the side effects and will it matter that i got it?

there are fashion glasses out there that look like they are perscription glasses but they arent..they are just clear and lots of them are way fab..most are cute but some are just plain hideous.the ... Read More »