I Leave my computer on every night?

Answer mine too, it's online 24/7.problems that may arise:- glitches from malwares, hackers, bots; so be ready to reformat and reinstall windows or make a backup of the whole c drive and you important fil... Read More »

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Is it bad to leave your computer/lap top on all night?

I believe it is bad for you to leave you laptop on while not using it or sleeping. 1. It might cause shortage of battery life.2. It might burn out your hard drive, even if only using AC/Adaptor.3. ... Read More »

Is it safe to leave your computer on all night and through the day?

yea it should be ok as long as it doesnt get hot cause it could burn up.

Do I leave my new computer on all the time over night, all day?

i wouldn't. you should turn it off and let it rest so it doesn't overheat.

Should I Shut-Down My Computer At Night Or Leave It On?