I Know People Don't Like To Talk About This But>>>>>?

Answer I'm not a doctor but I can help from experience. If you haven't opened your bowels for several days there will be a 'plug' of material in your colon. Taking laxatives won't shift this. All that may... Read More »

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I dont know anything about stock market, can anybody explain me about this?

Well just have a go at the previous answer of mine, its worth a beginners tutorial.…

Tanning lotions to help you get dark on a sunbed! and please dont talk about skin cancer cos i know all that!?

You should try Designer Skin, I just love it. I'm a brunette with blue eyes, and with very fair skin. I had the hardest time getting any color when I tanned. I got a Paradisio free sample pack in t... Read More »

What most people dont know about Oprah Winfrey?

What does salt do to food...a lot of people dont know this?

Its a preservative I think, makes food last longer.