I Just Burnt Myself?

Answer Applying tooth paste to your burn also helps.Put a glop on like glue and the pain will subside.I'm not sure why but I guess the menthol has to do with the it.I find this works better than cold wate... Read More »

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I burnt myself on a hot match ?

Put it under cold running water for about 5 min. Never put any oils or lotions on a burn as this does not help healing but hinders it. You may find it tender for a few days and might blister. If it... Read More »

I burnt myself and it hurts so bad?

Ice water for 20 minutes! Then take some pain relief if it still hurts :)

I burnt myself & I need help! Please. ?

First, cool it with a cold compress. Then apply an occlusive dressing. The air needs to be blocked to stop the pain.Tomorrow you should be fine.

I burnt myself and it hurts like hell!?

This'll sound weird, but rub toothpaste on it. It works.