I Have a Sticking Transmission?

Answer Transmission issues are notorious for their cost and complication. Often, if car owners hear the word "transmission" from a mechanic's mouth, it's not a good sign. Understanding why a transmission ... Read More »

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DVD has started sticking half way through film, have tried cleaning with CD wipes, still sticking. Any ideas?

If other dvd's play fine then its not your reader on the player. SUggest you take it back to the shop for a refund

Are You Still Sticking With DVDs, Or Have You Moved Onto Blu-ray and HD DVD?

Until I can use component for my transport for the highest resolutions I refuse to change over. Plus the whole HD audio fiasco makes me want to wait.

Does a manual transmission have transmission fluid?

Yes, a manual transmission uses fluid, and in some cases, the fluid is the same as what is used in automatic transmissions. In other cases, regular motor oil or hypoid gear oil is used in place of ... Read More »

I have this little bone sticking out at the bottom of my middle finger?