I Have Questions about Anorexia?

Answer honestly, ive been down this route. you will actually loose more weight if you eat breakfast and snack through out the day (healthy of course). just cut out large meals. exercise is key. I won't le... Read More »

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I was watching Intervention the other day, and now I have a couple of questions about anorexia...?

1. general rule of thumb, you will lose a pound for every 3500 more calories that your body burns then you consume. So to lose, 20 pounds if you are burning 1500 calories per day and consuming 500 ... Read More »

Anorexia How do they do it?

as a person who has been anorexic i can tell you that it is not a conscious decision,you do not wake up and think today is going to be the day i starve myself, it just happens, you look in the mirr... Read More »

Does anorexia ACTUALLY help you?

its bad 4 u apparentlytho ive tried not eatin 4 a whole day and i didnt lose ANY weight watsoever :(

Will I get fat (anorexia)?

Ok first off, eating disorders are scary. Have you ever thought that you could end up dying from it because your systems shut down, and you're not getting enough food to power your body through the... Read More »