I Have Questions about Anorexia?

Answer honestly, ive been down this route. you will actually loose more weight if you eat breakfast and snack through out the day (healthy of course). just cut out large meals. exercise is key. I won't le... Read More »

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I was watching Intervention the other day, and now I have a couple of questions about anorexia...?

1. general rule of thumb, you will lose a pound for every 3500 more calories that your body burns then you consume. So to lose, 20 pounds if you are burning 1500 calories per day and consuming 500 ... Read More »

I have some questions about computers. Please help if you know a lot about them.?

1) antimalwares which detects the malwares on your computer like antivirus.

Need some help with an Entity Relation Diagram. I have most of it done but have 2 questions about it.?

How do you ensure, in your diagram, that there is exactly one and only one employee assigned to manage an office? Normally, it's not a good idea to encode a control field (your 'd' item under EMPLO... Read More »

Going to the doctors about anorexia?

They will weigh you and talk to you and going to give you a certian kind of diagnoses. And try to have a weekly diet for you