I Have Internet Provider Issues Very Angry!?

Answer All contracts have loopholes, and they can basically manage the service as they see fit. I don't know where you are or what company this is, but if there is no other provider you're out of luck. Th... Read More »

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Ive contacted my internet provider and apple but cannot connect back to my internet with my ipod?

After multiple attempts at trying to connect the router and the ipod get confused. Do this, in this order, and when I say wait a minute or two minutes I mean a full minute or two. I don't mean 10 s... Read More »

How angry do you get when your internet service goes out ?

Let's just wouldn't wanna be in the same room with me and you'd probably hear a whole lot of cussing!

Why do my internet provider want to come out to check my internet?

I have never ever heard of a ISP ever doing that unless you have actually reported a fault.Sounds very suspect to say the very least if you ask me.Suggest you phone them and ask them what gives!

How to Become an Internet Provider?

Becoming an Internet Service Provider (ISP) is not an easy task. The biggest obstacle to becoming an ISP is the large amount of capital required for the equipment and building needed. Network bandw... Read More »