I Have Internet Provider Issues Very Angry!?

Answer All contracts have loopholes, and they can basically manage the service as they see fit. I don't know where you are or what company this is, but if there is no other provider you're out of luck. Th... Read More »

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I already have internet why do i need to wait to have phone turned on My provider is Fairpoint?

Gotta do the paperwork.The internet and dial tone share the same cable pair, not the same equipment. Someone still has to run the jumper and rearrange the circuit in the central office. The job p... Read More »

Can I have AOL& another Internet provider?

If you want to have America Online (AOL) and another Internet service provider (ISP), you can. You'll have to pay two bills--and AOL's proprietary service won't load with your second provider--but ... Read More »

Does Charter Internet provider have email accounts?

Each Charter Internet subscriber receives up to ten email accounts with 1 GB of storage for each mailbox. The email service is compatible with Microsoft Outlook and other email clients but also has... Read More »

Do you have comcast Internet provider and are you happy with the service?