I Have Curled Leaves on My Rhododendron?

Answer The flowering shrub known as rhododendron requires very specific growing conditions, including well-drained, acid soil and a region with a mild climate. However, even when these conditions are met,... Read More »

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My Basil's Leaves Are Curled?

Basil is a flavorful herb often used in pasta dishes, salads and sauces. Basil is simple to grow in your own garden, as it requires little fertilization and is equally suited to life in the ground ... Read More »

My Rhododendron Leaves Are Brown & Shriveled?

A variety of diseases, conditions and insects may cause brown spots on the leaves of a rhododendron, but the combination of discoloration with shriveling or curling is typically related to weather ... Read More »

White Spots on Rhododendron Leaves?

Rhododendrons are beloved for producing large flowers of many different colors and thick, rich leaves. But when certain pests and diseases strike, those leaves suffer from the attack, sometimes tur... Read More »

Lilac Bushes With Curled Leaves?

Lilac bushes with curled leaves are suffering from a serious health problem that can affect continued flower production and the longevity of the plant. Curled leaves are less able to photosynthesiz... Read More »