I Have 12 Volts output source with 1000mAh. Can i charge 5.1 volts device with 500mAh and charge 9Volts Devi?

Answer You would use a resistor or voltage regulator in series with each device. Note the difference between mA and mAh.

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I Have 12 Volts output source with 1000mAh. Can i run 3 volts device with 500mAh and 9Volts Device with 200m?

Each with their own voltage regulators, yes.

If i connect two output sources. 9volts with 175mA and 1.2 Volts with 2500mA. what will be outcome?

Don't connect them together at all.>> From the wording of your question, it looks like the 9 V source may be AC.If so, it could damage the 1.2 V source.If the 9V source is DC, connecting the two in... Read More »

How may volts does an emachines laptop charge at?

Do you know your laptop model? Do a google search for "your laptop model ac adapter". There would be many results turned up. Check the specification of the adapter, usually the output voltage would... Read More »

How to Charge Two Twelve Volt Batteries That Feed 24 Volts to a Motor?

Twenty-four-volt motors are common in golf carts, boats, RVs, and powered handicap scooters because of their greater efficiency in continuous-duty applications. Twelve-volt batteries are far more c... Read More »