I Drink 1-5 Beers Twice A Week & My Wife Says Im An Alcoholic Who's Right?

Answer You are not an alcoholic. Enjoy it man that is what beer is for.Man don't let her change you! Keep drinking!

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I drink four beers a day when i get home from work , my wife thinks i'm am alcoholic is that true?

i wouldn't say alcoholic if it does not affect your daily life. besides studies show its good for the heart to have 2 drinks/day...maybe your a lil bigger a need a few extra :-)

How many beers do you drink in a week?

My wife drinks 1 bottle of wine per evening 7 days a week is she an alcoholic?

think she might be!!..defo not T-Total!!.

If i drink 1 litre of vodka a week am i an alcoholic?