I Don't have the Disc to my printer and can't find out how to install it?

Answer You need to install the drivers.…That is where you get them to match your computer's operating system.

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I can't install a printer as I dont have the disk for it. I have Windows XP and the printer is HPpsc1317.?…

I have an F2100 HP printer. lost my disc. how can I install printer HELP!!!!?

go to drivers website and download the drivers

I need to know how to install my printer with no disc.?

Go to the lexmark webpage. They should have a drive downlaod.Here is a page:…Just click and run the correct version (if you have xp, click windows xp, if ... Read More »

How can i install a printer without the disc?

Go to HP website and download the driver from there. Put the files on your hard drive or a floppy disc.